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Sprenger Hunter D-Ring Bit


Herm Sprenger KK D-Ring Snaffle Bit is a single jointed snaffle, anatomically designed to fit perfectly in the horse's mouth. The slightly curved mouthpiece offers more room for the tongue which can help the horse to relax and accept the bit more willingly.


  • Similar to aurigan but with a reduction in copper content and the addition of manganese
  • The manganese helps to regulate the oxidation of the mouthpiece
  • Sensogan will cause the horse to produce less saliva than aurigan, which is beneficial for horse's who tend to salivate excessively
  • The sensogan bit will have a milder flavor than the aurigan, which could be better for some horses
  • The slower oxidation means less discoloration of the bit

    Herm Sprenger from Germany is renowned for its outstanding quality and technologically advanced designs. The Sprenger seal of quality has guaranteed safety and precision workmanship for over 135 years.

    The Herm Sprenger Sensogan D-Ring is offered in mouth sizes 5", 5 1/2" or 5 3/4". 75mm stainless steel rings. 16mm thickness.

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