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Sprenger HO Weymouth Aurigan Bit


Genuine patented Aurigan bits are manufactured only by Herm Sprenger. Aurigan is a nickel-free alloy comprised of 85% copper, 4% silicon and 11% zinc. The advantages of Aurigan bits have been determined through a long term study at the Germany's University of Hanover. Aurigan has high oxidation properties and provides a pleasant taste to encourage chewing activity and easy acceptance of the bit.

The Herm Sprenger HO Aurigan Weymouth features a smooth and rounded port that is angled forwards with a slanting mouthpiece. It provides even distribution of tongue pressure due to the angled and slanting mouthpiece. This bit takes advantage of the exceptional sensitivity of the tongue

The Herm Sprenger HO Aurigan Weymouth is offered in mouth sizes 5", 5 1/4" or 5 3/4". 16mm Aurigan mouth. 13.5cm stainless steel shanks with 5cm lower shank measurement.


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