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Sprenger Dynamic RS Bradoon Bit


Sprenger Dynamic RS Bradoon Bits  are adapted to the anatomy of a horse's mouth without pressure on the palate. The design allows the bit to rest fully on the tongue, allowing clear instructions to be passed through the reins.

Genuine patented Sensogan bits are manufactured only by Herm Sprenger. Sensogan has high oxidation properties and provides a pleasant taste to encourage chewing activity and easy acceptance of the bit.

  • KK Ultra bits are designed to fit the mouth
  • No pressure on the palate
  • Bit rests on tongue, allowing clear communication
  • Double jointed & 45° angle for even tongue pressure
  • Sensogan mouth encourages chewing & acceptance
  • Stainless steel rings
  • Ring size scaled for ponies - 55 mm (2.17")
  • 16 mm (.63") thickness

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