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Schockemohle Air Shock Tendon Boots


Safely to peak performance! The Air Shock Tendon Boots from SchockemöhleSports are hard-shell jumping boots that, thanks to a polymer pocket filled withcompressed gas, highly absorb the pressure of the impact during landing. Theirmodern air holes ensure good drainage of the heat that is being generated on thehorse's leg. The choice of material, which is harder in critical places andsofter and more flexible in others, is also thought-through pretty well. Thelining of the modern jumping boots is made of high-quality neoprene. The TPUbuckles with logo ideally complement the sporty-cool look of the Air ShockTendon Boots.

  • The modern hard shell jumping boots have a polymer pocket containing compressed gas, which reduce and spread the pressure of the impact
  • air holes allow the heat to escape to the outside
  • the shell is harder in the critical places and softer flexible in others
  • two TPU buckles with logo
  • high quality neoprene lining

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