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PuriShield Wound Spray


Farnam PuriShield Wound Spray keeps horse owners prepared for the inevitable wounds and injuries that are part of horse life. PuriShield uses a patented technology called Purifect that supports a naturally occurring immune response to heal wounds. PuriShield Wound Spray cleanses wounds and protects against germs, dirt, water, debris, and insects.

Recommended by veterinarians, PuriShield Wound Spray will not harm any tissues, healthy or damaged, and does not contain antibiotics, steroids, chlorine, or alcohol. It doesn't sting or irritate, and it doesn't stain. PuriShield helps normal tissue regenerate and reduces the chance of scarring. Use Farnam's PuriShield Wound Spray on cuts, scrapes, bite and kick wounds, rubs and sores, rashes, burns, and open wounds. Convenient trigger spray bottle with 2 settings for targeted or widespread dispersal. PuriShield Wound Spray from Farnam can be used on horses, livestock, dogs, and cats.

Size:  16 fl ounces

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