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Eskadron Flexisoft Boot - Front


The Eskadron Flexisoft TBoot is a Jumping boot with flexisoft zone, anatomically adapted to the horse’s leg. It's made of TPE and with a practical Velcro fastening.

The TPE outer shell is hard, offering good protection to the horse’s leg, yet at the same time they offer enough flexion to allow great freedom of movement while jumping.

Eskadron Flexisoft tendon boots - fantastic fit and protection. Flexisoft boots are available in a great range of colors.

  • Open fronted front jumping boot anatomically adapted to the horse's leg
  • Lining: Neoprene.
  • Machine washable.

Flexisoft the Material: Eskadron's Flexisoft boots are made with a highly complex two-component injection moulding die; and the special shape around the ergot gives the boots vastly superior fit and comfort.

  • Flexible Soft Zone for optimum freedom of movement over jumps
  • Double Velcro
  • Soft Neoprene Lining
  • Sturdy TPE shell for the best leg protection
  • Ergonomic Cut and Shape
  • Sheepskin option - for sensitive skin
  • Gel option - absorbs and spreads the pressure of kicks

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