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Eskadron Flexisoft Air VO Boot


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Eskadron Flexisoft Air VO Boot offers a dynamic look, perfect function, and maximum safety.

For optimum body climate and high wearing comfort on the horse’s leg Eskadronuses breathable, perforated Neoprene. It has mesh-protected air channels in the outer shell to ensure ideal air circulation. Furthermore, the bordered Neoprene supports the optimum knock absorption properties of the boot which is also very easy-care. The mesh-look underlines the dynamic style.

Ideal protection against knocks and bangs are guaranteed by the very reliable TPE outer shell which is also further reinforced in the rear area. The specially moulded ergot area and the fexisoft zone ensure optimum freedom of movement. The special click fastening device makes the boot easy, secure and fast to put on and take off. It also ensures an individual fit on the horse’s leg.

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