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Eskadron Climatex Bandage Liners


A long time best-seller, the Eskadron Climatex bandage liners are unrivalled. Many times over they have been copied yet the climatex bandage liner still remains a firm favorite with those who bandage their horse for exercise. The three layer bandage liner offers a smooth outer material, a lightweight, flexible soft foam inner material that is both shock absorbent and padded and then a climatex inner that is super soft yet breathable, wicking and a super-power when it comes to keeping your horses tendons and lower leg cool during hard work.

The bandage design means that they fit snugly and easily around the contours of the horses lower leg and provide added protection underneath fleece bandages. While bandages can be used alone, many feel that the extra support and technical nature of bandage pads mean that they simply a neccessity.


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