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Equifit Eq-Teq Front Boots


Equifit Eq-Teq Front Boots has a classic elegant look but is packed with features to provide ultimate protection and comfort for your horse. 

The Eq-Teq™ Boots and ImpacTeq™ Peel Away Liners offer the most effective protection you can find today. Eq-Teq boots offer an anatomically molded outer shell, virtually unbreakable shock absorbing liner and features three 1.25” wide straps for a more customized fit. The ImpacTeq Peel Away Liners have removable cubes in target zones, which allows you to remove small or large sections of the liner as needed.

Also, the ImpacTeq Peel Away Liners are ideal for horses with uniquely shaped legs, existing growths or wounds, or other hard-to-fit issues. Liners are removable for easy washing and care.

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