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Breyer Flagship 2018 Special Edition "Kodi"


Who doesn’t love a horse with an eye-catching splash of color? Over the course of history, American Paint Horses earned the adoration of both the American Indians and cowboys. Today’s American Paint Horses can have Paint, Quarter Horse, or Thoroughbred lineage, and display a stock horse body type coupled with pinto coat patterns.

The breed is so popular that the American Paint Horse Association is now the second-largest international equine breed association!

Kodi is a Paint horse whose gorgeously-shaded liver chestnut coat features a flashy overo pattern. One of three accepted Paint coat patterns, the overo pattern features irregular white markings over the body that usually do not cross over the back, and extensive white markings on the face. Other accepted patterns are tobiano: predominantly white coat with large flowing spots of color; and tovero: a mix of overo and tobiano patterns, with one or both eyes blue.

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