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Belvoir Tack Conditioner Refill


Give your leather a rejuvenated look and supple feel with the Belvoir Tack Conditioner. Considered "step 2" in the CDM cleaning line, this conditioner softens, preserves, and adds incredible shine to tired, used leather.

Pure, clear quality soap formulated from vegetable oils, including coconut oil and glycerine that deeply nourishes to give leather the luxurious finish it once had. Safe to use on a regular basis, the active glycerine ingredient acts as a sealant against salt, dirt, grease, and water to protect your tack against future damage. Conveniently in a spray formula, conditioning time is cut in half since you won't have to deal with messy, greasy balms. 

  • Softens, Preserves, and Conditions Leather
  • Glycerine and Coconut Oil Nourishes
  • Creates Protective Barrier 
  • Adds an Attractive Shiny Finish
  • Safe for Routine Use
  • Convenient Spray Formula

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