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Acavallo Gel Bit Guards


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Acavallo Gel Bit Guards are the ultimate in comfortable mouth protection for your horse. Not simply a flat disk, these Gel Bit Guards from Acavallo have a center collar on the inside that covers the ends of the mouthpiece inside the bit rings. The contoured gel guard molds around the metal to prevent irritation and rubbing. Gel Bit Guards are odor-free and have no unpleasant taste for the horse.

The unique design of the Acavallo bit guards also helps keep the bit straight in the horse's mouth. This bridle and bit accessory is an easy and effective way of making your horse's bit more comfortable. Acavallo Gel Bit Guards resist stretching and return to their original shape when you remove them. They will stretch out enough to fit over a thin or a thick mouthpiece. Sold as a pair.

  • One pair
  • Odorless, tasteless
  • Contoured to cover mouthpiece ends
  • Black 

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